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Welcome to my blog, Written in my monkey English so that everyone I know can understand it. Here you can follow me through my work, enjoying all the problems and weird stories which happen to me daily… this is not fiction, this is my life so it can also be boring, with a lot (too much?) of happiness, but anyways, I do my best to stay in trouble…

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mardi 27 mars 2012

The Death of Blog

My Blog is dying thanks to those guys who are doing their best to kill it…

lundi 13 février 2012


It's freezing outside. I don't like people. I hate cats. I want to be retired to be able to do some pictures. Politic stinx. I can't stand the past. There is no future. the present is boring. Still somebody here? damned can't you go back from where you come from! Freezing cold, thanks Ju Lopez who spent a full day with me which is nothing else than a punishement

samedi 28 janvier 2012

Back and forth

As I'm just back from Kitzbuhel I have to go back an hour an half further, for the ISPO in Munich, the main world ski trade show. It will be 3 days of wurst, bier and business. I took my shirt, I went to the hair dresser for a ridiculous hair cut and I put some more or less good picture selections in the ipad…I fake I'm a business man but I'm nothing else than a photographer who's trying to make money with skiing. I guess they all know that, but in a blind wolrd the one eyed man I am can maybe do something. Anyway I might come back with nothing, but my last shooting with mountain biker yannick Granieri, for the Red Bulletin was the high light of the week. A quiet big setting and some great picture this is good enough to make me full of myself and be a bad ass enough for the upcoming business negotiation at ISPO.


mardi 17 janvier 2012

jumping in the mess

Every thing is too easy down here, so I'm leaving for Kitzbuehl, the mythic alpine ski race, tomorow with no credential at all, so I will be in trouble, I guess I'll be less than noting over there, as it's the most incredible race ever, in the most passionnated ski country on the most dangerous slope (well in some other words FIS+Austria=F*≠u£ you litle frenchie photographer). Even after 2 month internship at the redBull photofiles I can't have any help on a Red Bull event (waist of time?). But I love that, I've been treated like a king so fare, I shot almost everyday with some of the best rider since january 1st like Richard Permin, Candide Thovex (for his latest movie) , Phil Meier and Arno Rougier (maybe not as known as the other, but this guy is not a "B" rider, he is killing!). So it's good to come down as we all are: fragile mortal humman guy who have to take a shit every single morning! I also had a phone call from a journalist who wanted to know what I was doing since I quiet ski photography…So since I'm retired I'm shooting more than ever!! and to make things clear here is a little slide show from the publication I had in between skieur test 10 and Skieur Test 11, so in between october 10 and November 11, it's about 450 pictures published, definitely my highest rate for the lowest income… I don't care money stinx !

lundi 9 janvier 2012

My new year resolution in Adelboden

Last week end I went to the Adelboden World cup.It's good to be inside de tv sometime, to feel all what's happen there. I came alone to bring back pictures for Skieur Racing, my favourite ski magazine. The mag doesn't have a lot of money and I'm like a gypsy, sleeping where my no budget can offer me to stay. Salomon offer me the hotel, but I had to use a fake name because the only place where I can stayed was the french team hotel and basicaly no journalist or photographer are allowed to stay. Of course it didn't work out very well as after 4 years I know most of the people there. It was really great and I enjoy it. But working on a FIS event remind me a lot my school years: what the fuck I'm doing here instead of being in the powder… Also I had a couple of argue with a couple of people who wants to park me in a photo booth and don't want to leave me on my own out of the slopes. But my new year resolution is: I don't give a shit . Same for the pictures, I don't give a shit about what people think about, I do what I like and nothing else. So here are couple of picture I like and I don't give a shit if you like it or not!! from the disgusting toiletsLove the hate of the darknessHalf I don't care half i don't give a shitDon't like it and I'll love youI don't careand the winner is the awfull TS and moreover it's blurToo close or too fare and who cares?don't do not

jeudi 5 janvier 2012

Snow is back, so I am

A couple of days ago I did a pretty good day of shooting in Verbier. I was only with Phil Meier, one of my favourite skier (and good friend too). We start before 8 30 and came back at 5, we worked non stop, and it worth it. put my selection online a couple of hours after, the fastest publication ever. cover

mercredi 4 janvier 2012

Happy New Year

It's amazing how difficult it is to talk about exciting stuff. I used to work for a magazine as journalist for almost 5 years and I was writting about nothing or even about bull shit everyday from 8 to 5 with no problem and now, my life is so exciting that I don't have time to talk about it…So I will be boring it might be easier then. A new year just start, maybe the last one as we should all die by next december, so I stick to 2011 with pictures from my exhibit in Moscow last december. Yes I'm really so amazingly incredibly famous that I'm doing exhibit in Russia and not in France… Skipass was suppose to publish a little note on that (an interesting one not a boring bull shit blog) but we all were too busy with finding some useless cheap gift to put under the tree that we forget to digg into that, wich is a shame because it was really great to hang out in Moscow with Tero Repo, Christophe Margot, Guido Perrini, Rene Robert and Christian Pondella, it was an honnor for me to be a part of them, but once again that's was my pleasure, not yours so what the fuck are you doing here, reading this bad english. Hey folks don't waist your times reading that and spent more times checking pictures!

PS if I'm writting in English it's not to be connected with the whole world but only to avoid my grandmother to read that and then believe that I'm in vaccation everyday!

PS 2 I wrotte some bad uninteresting caption so if you want to read it go with your mouth over the pictures, heu no with your mouse over the pictures.

PS 3 I did all the pictures with my Fuji X10, it's a piece of crap, where you can hardly see 85% of your picture in the visor but I love it…but who liked Holga? and it's still here!!

Margot RobertMargot Pondella talking shit about our picturesArty place for our exhibit, love this placemy ugly face is blur but at least I didn't take the picture myselfPondella Perini in the subway, there is no gate, but if you forget to buy a ticket passing there will be very painfull, worth it to tryMargot Pondella…are we lost or not yet?Pondella taking pictures of us…I told you it was a boring tripPerini coming out of the security in order to go to the red square during the big December protest in Moscowit's Xmas in Moscow, not in NY obviously…Classic!It was not only vacation, we had to talk about our jobs, life is hard!it's snowing youhoouu so coooool yahouu…ok it's only some flakes but I love thatA plane, what else!even more classic!Pondella Perini starvingThat's why we came here, for the exhibit.A Mc Donald in Moscow…love that, not the food but the fact!Red Square, I want to go and see Lenin's body…but it's more crowded that the butcherie…Hmm next time I will go to play russian bullet sat in the middle of the Higway, seems less dangerousPerini, Repo and Margot, tourists are there!Pondella , we only have to compare the name on the map and the one on the sign, like if we look at two similar draw…The begining of the end, the subwayRene Robert, if you want to keep your kids far from the mountain ask rene for a couple of stories, but be ready to laugh a lot tooThis is my pictures, with my caption and my name!! I'm so cool!Robert Pondella, the geeks are happy because they found that the space barre can open a preview of the picture, wicked!!my pictures are together with death at the end of the tunnel

jeudi 24 novembre 2011

Ladies and gentleman

Yesterday I've been invited by Litght and Byte to present my work. It's a good opportunity to work close to them as they are the best camera and equipment provider in Switzerland (I would say they are the Swiss B&H). It was really great but would have been better if my power point worked out. Everything I did during 2 days before the event, didn't work…so I did my best with a couple of blur pictures and the space key and the arrow key to pass from one pictures to the other. In a world of Iphone, 3D and Other Ipad tool I felt realy naked. By the way thank you to Davolo Steiner who help me out to pilote the computer while I was talking…He was invited too to show his work. His presentation was really interesting especially to compare our work, basicaly the same, but so different. I learn a lot listening him…would be a mandatory to meet and talk with other photographers…but I guess it is already!

This morning it was better I found a picture I like in my stock…at least one, life is good. Argentina

vendredi 11 novembre 2011


I was really bored about feeding my blog, thinking that those who speak the most shoot the less…But when I was in China, for the Swatch Girls Pro, Facebook, Twitter, youtube and even my blog or website were impossible to reach. So I think I have the chance to speak, and it's definetly easier not to listen something than being unable to ear, so I'm back on my blog, and you don't have to read it but if you want you can…that's freedom and freedom is amazing. So here is a little rewind of the past months.

Edit Shooting

It was yesterday and the days before, I think this catalog will be great…but I learn a lot about shooting product, and especially that is a pain in the ass. Fortunately I had some good unexpected shot of Enak who was sick and didn't sleep the all night.

EditEGavaggio, Edit

The winter season start well, two cover shot and already 5 differents articles in 4 countries.


Swatch Girls Pro

Straight from the Aiguille du Midi(Eider Shooting) to China, on an Island called Hainan. The girls are really cool and surf really well. It was a real pleasure to work there. Thanks to Swatch, it's not that often that a client trust you so much, I hope that I worked as hard as they expect. It was also great to spend time with Damien Poullenod from Aquashot, we did such a good team work. Of course all the trip was on the edge, get my visas (a journalist one!!) a couple of hours before my departure, and had trouble to come back home as Air France was on strike, the compagny even put us (Stephanie Prottet who was traveling with me is a nice black cat too…) in a lower class in an empty plane… why? because! I put a weird selection of pictures on my website. I did it with my camera in a kind of plastic bag, a normal person would have put that in a trash, but I'm not normal


During this trip I also shoot with Kassia Meador, a legend in the longboard and also a passionate photographer who can still take her time to shoot analog, I borrow her Hasselblad to make a couple of portrait.

kassia Meadorkassia Meadorkassia Meador

I also did a yoga shooting on the beach, of course the weather get overcast just for the sunset I hadn't my profotos so I work with 2 quantum and no light box, but thanks to the surfers (yes they are surfers) to allow me to shoot that


Eider New advertising direction

I've been asked by Eider to work on a new advertising direction, seems that they liked it. So thank you to Remy for the request and for the unexpected presentation I had to do front of the boss. In the middle of it I had to answer to my phone which didn't stop ringing for 10 minutes and leave the meeting to pick up my son at the kindergarden…


IF3 Vs Red Bull

I organized a photo festival during the International Freeski Film Festival in Annecy, but at the last minute Red Bull called me for a sailing comp in Nice, so I didn't go to my own event…the good side is that the latest room available in Nice was in a 5 star hotel…


Christophe Margot Unesco Shooting

I still don't want to film but I helped my friend Christophe for a big week shooting some of the best UNESCO site in Switzerland. It was an amazing week, hard work but it was nothing less than a dream project. After that I'm sure that filming and shooting in the same time is the worst thing you can do, but working together in the same project and direction is the best combination.

An helicopter shooting an other helicopter…

Since a long time I wanted to do a portrait of my friend Laurent Niol. After competing for more than 10 years in world cup skiing, he became helicopter pilot. We plan do it several times and canceled it several times. At the last minute he gave me a call and pick me up on the closest airport of my home. there we met Loic jean Albert, one of the most talutuous pilot I know, and a photo passionnate. So he had 2 helicopter to do the shoot, I set up a litle flash in Laurent's heli and I shot from Loic's. thanks guys that was really cool.

LNiol, R44LNiol, R44LNiol, R44

Seb Michaud Invitationnal I found the best snow of the season in summer. The SMI took place in Argentina, we stay a week at 2400 m, in a refuge with only a very little heater, the temperature event went down to -30°C. Definitely one of my best trip ever, with the best people on earth…

sebMichaudInvitacionJ Heitz, ArgentineSebMichaudInvitacionSebMichaudInvitacion SebMichaudInvitacion

Filming: Massimiliano Blardone

Never say never…but I will never film again

Rich Permin Downdays shooting

I did a portrait of Richard Permin for Downdays, a european ski magazin. As I was runing out of time we went in an abandonned bulding behind my place. the week after Christophe Fritschi, a good friend and cameraman came there as well to shoot the Swiss hip hop celebrity Stress. It's the only interesting (and destroyed/dirty) place they found in all switzerland.

RPermin, Motel de Founex RPermin, Motel de Founex

mardi 19 juillet 2011

To be above or not to be

Last June I was in southwest of France on assignment for the Swatch Girls Pro. During this event I had the opportunity to shoot the top 4 female surfers from an helicopter. I didn't realize right on that this was such a good opportunity.

I am lucky (and often scared) to use a lot this incredible machine to shoot events or skiers in the mountains. But shooting above the sea with surfers underneath is not that common. I realized this afterward talking with some surf photographers. Some of them are used to travel to the best spots on the planet but they never shoot from an heli. Now that I did it once, all I want is to go back there and shoot some more!

As I'm not a surfer myself (I'm surfing like a stone…but keep trying), I have to find my way to be creative in the water. The remote control helicopter was a good experiment and this real heli shooting was another one. I have (at least) 5 more ideas (keep your secrets secret) to go further, but I might need to go in the water too… which is a total new exercise. I only have the Lake Geneva to train, but Team Alinghi used the lake as a training place a couple of years ago, so why not!

At the moment I have those shot from above, probably the easiest way to shoot such a sport, but I was in the front of the heli (and not sat outside as usual) with my phone in one ear and the regular heli headset in the other. This setup allowed me to translate what the french pilot close to me and the Australian guy on the phone were saying to the American cameraman and the austrian photographer behind me...

Also I decided to shoot with a tilt shift lens and my 200mm with the new Canon extender x2. If the first one gets a manual focus the second one only has the central autofocus working (of course the guy from Canon said that it is normal…even if the one they sent me for a week test was working more normally). To make it short this one hour an half was exhausting and I was pretty much sure that I didn't get one acceptable picture. But it seems that I did good enough to make the other photographer (actualy not him but his boss, from Global News Room Agency) unhappy.

So for the second flight they didn't want to have me on board (they needed exclusivity for their clients…) so they killed an other hour and a half flight for nothing as they were not able to communicate with the pilote and not used to shoot from an helicopter. Also the translator they booked did not stop puking during the flight… That iz some bad hat Harry (I don't know what's that mean but I think sounds nice here) !

So here are my pictures, not the best ever but I like a couple of them anyway.

Here is my vision of the Swatch Girls Pro 2011. _87V8857.jpgCourtney Collonguecoco hoCourtney CollongueStefanie Gilmorecoco hococo hocourtney CollonguePauline Ado_MG_8293.jpgcourtney Collonguecourtney Collonguecourtney CollongueHO_LIFE_DD_8267.jpgcourtney CollonguePauline Ado_MG_8257.jpgCourtney Collonguecourtney Collonguecourtney Collongue

mercredi 13 juillet 2011

Shoot me or I'll shoot you

A quick studio job to test my new Profoto lightbox and the set of Pocket Wizard Red Bull Media House just sent me.

I love black backgrounds to shoot with artificial light, even if in this case it was not large enough to lighten the back of the head.

I shot a few pictures with the Fourcade brothers — Martin, the youngest, is the current Biathlon World Champion and silver OG medalist.

I love more and more working with athletes so It was a fun experience even if I had to ask if their gun was unloaded, just to be sure…

On the photo side, once again I was not able to use the TT5 and the TT1…I will spend another day testing and setting it up on the computer… If one day those Pocket Wizard work it will be amazing, but I did not manage to use them properly so far !

MartinMartinSimonSet Up

dimanche 10 juillet 2011


The two last month were the busiest of the year. Something unusualy considering I'm mostly working on the snow, so in winter time… here is a quick look back of what happened in my camera, which is not including all the meetings I had, in Bienn, Paris, Biarritz, Marseille, Los Angeles, Annecy, Geneva…and which was in between all that.

June 18th Under the storm: Seems to be perfect to do a summer catalog mid june…it snowed 70 cm at the top of the aiguille du midi. which even not opened considering the wind and the lighting maked it too dangeroos. We did the alpine part on the mer the glace, our guide worked hard to keep us alive as the rocks were falling everywhere, pushed by the heavy rain.

walker on the storm under cover

June 19th runing after the sun the weather has been an issue all the winter long with almost nothing falling from the sky, but of course it didn't stay like that when I needed sun. That was my summer catalog 1st part, but I managed to have something.


Swatch Girls Pro mai 31st, june 9th. A week of crazyness in south west of France, from 6 am to 1 am every day, shooting action, portrait, life style, party…On the same day I did an Helicopter shooting, with the top 4 athletes, then a portrait of Miss France and an other one of Bethany Hamilton followed by a moustach and air guitar contest!


Art Rules night Stockholm mai on the 29th, have you ever tried to set up a nice studio in a disco? but have you tried to unset it a 2 am when everybody is drunk and the place packed?


Red Bull Element from the 20th to the 23rd, basicaly it was the hardest of 4 sports including trail runing, mountain biking, paragliding and rowing…but I feel I participate too as I almost run from the top to the bottom twice and with all the gear on…as usually a crazy Red Bull event (on the working side especially) but such a nice crew to work with.


Etnies shoot with Anne Flore Marxer…40°C not outside but inside her as she was totaly sick.


ATR Kicker…the last day of the ski season in Val Thorens,


lundi 16 mai 2011

On the edge

Last week I've been shooting some Base Jump. This is definitely the most exciting thing I've ever done.Actually I start to be use to it but each time I've the same feeling of being a part of something exceptionnal. Hours of hiking, some climbing, then some rappels with all the gear on my back for a couple of second of shoot…Each time you know that the guy is risking his life so missing the shot is just impossible. On the other hand all the jumpers I met so fare seems to be the best person on earth.So nice and so kind and also coming from different background, some are mountain guide, others pilote or flight intendent and even farmer, more usually most of them are already working as skydive instructor or canapee folder. Of course there is no money in this business, that's maybe why it's so incredible, it's only the passion which guide them on the edge in between life and death.

I'm still stoke by my little week there, even if for this time it was a little bit more into a busyness side. I was following a team of the discovery channel (TV program), which gave me the opportunity to use the helicopter for a couple of pictures…

the flying pinguin, Fred Fugenthe choice to open or not…flyingdiving into the dark sideover my head

samedi 30 avril 2011

Higher, Better, but not clever

This winter season was the worst we ever had in europe since we start checking it seriously 60 years ago. So to find some snow is not an easy task and Chamonix has been one of the last place to find some. Of course as we didn't get a single flake for at least a month the only day I expected to have some sun we get a pretty bad day.That's how it is…some told me it's maybe time to change my mind and take an other direction…but I can't imagine my life with no trouble, it would be too easy. I really like Chamonix it's such a nice place, but here you don't feel very confortable, maybe it's all those huge mountains around, but there is something here telling you you're not very welcome.

First the locals, they can't say hello without asking you what you are doing in "their" backyard, even some of my friends. Then the "English" (it's how the local call anybody who doesn't speak french). They are haten by the locals and a little war is on course.

I have to say that I saw one "english" (they were actualy american) almost killing himself after a huge tumble above the rocks at the entrance of the couloir Poubelle. I can't believe he was still alive, as I can't believe his wife is still too as he ask her to go above the cliff he accidentaly jumped up side down, to get his skis. She was a real beginer and was in reall danger, but she get the skis and throw it above the rocks where an another skier was standing. This poor guy (an other English, but from Italy…) almost received it on his head. Finaly I went over my job, more scared than ever by all that, and I met the new local. The new local is a new guy in the valley who try to be even more local than the locals, and so he is even more agressive with the english. Unfortunately for him, only his great, great, great, great grandson will be consider as a local, but he shouldn't learn english at school to have more chance. a shooting easy as a sunny day Chamonix style

dimanche 24 avril 2011

Fine art prints

I had a lot of request for prints from my Helicam project, it took a while to be online (for those who didn't notice, the winter season is not off yet…I mean officially!) but here it is! You'll find some Base Jump and surf pictures. It's all about high quality paper and ink.


mardi 19 avril 2011

3D the PayBack

Being freelance is more than working in a certain way, it's taking life by an other side. You decide every single morning where you gonna push yourself. Nobody gonna help you. Every day is a new adventure.You don't really work, you live your dream. Sometimes you're exhausted by the amount of work and sometimes desperate by doing nothing. I hate the last situation and if it happens I try to look for new possibilities. It's kind of crazy because the search of something new can also cost you money in a moment you don't have any, the remote controled helicopter shoot is a perfect example. Last fall, I was in this down situation. The 3D project came out of this reflection, I had time but no money. As a couple of year ago I work on a 3D project with Red Bull, I came back on Google and find a new and more efficient way to make a normal picture a 3D one. I did a bunch of try, found what works and what doesn't, then did a couple of sample. I ask a couple of brand if they can be interested. It went out that Oakley wanted to do a full exhibit during the Freeski Film Festival and later on Eider decide to do also a catalog in 3D. The result is great, I didn't reinvent photography but I went thru all the process of a new thing (for me at least!). Here is the Eider catalog, which as been used as a gift for their best costumer and not a final buyer one. I'm proud of it even if they forget to put my credit… _MG_5412.jpg

jeudi 31 mars 2011


Thanks Yannick Fluemann (Lite and Byte) for the toys, here is a couple of picture I took before I had to leave for the unexpected Xtrem Golfing project. Check out the full shooting Christophe Margot did the same day with some other incredible item…in my point of you, he killed me! Windstedt Zackrisson Sureim Tabke's huge binocular


For those for whom numbers matter, youtube gave me a lot of exposure…this probably doesn't make my bank account bigger, but at least let me share my passion of photography and especially the one which allow me to work with athletes, a little bit more than 23 000 view on the Helicam project and 26 000 for the one with windsurf legend Jason Polakow. Considering all that is about me myself and I, I can't keep this portrait, Christophe Margot did during the Verbier Xtrem, with the bec des Rosses and my "take away" studio and the toy Light and Byte lent me, a Broncolor ring flash with an Hasselblad H3D. All that equipement is also a lot about numbers…


lundi 21 mars 2011

FWT2011: Done!

Last but not least, the Verbier Xtrem 2011 is done, means the FWT is over after 2 month and 6 stops. It was super exciting, on the sport side as the level was amazing and on the working side as working with the media crew was also such a good experience. After 3 years we are all still motivated and pushing each other to have a great result but all the time with fun. Of course it's not because we have fun doing it that it's all easy, we still wake up at 6, hike in the mountain (well I've to say that I've been helidroped this time…shame on me!) spend hours on a north face in order to freeze properly our ass, and then work most of the night to feed all the newspapers and magazines with the picture we took during the day. So even if I'm still cold from this exhausting last stop of the FWT I'm already looking forward to be a part of it next year…

PS here is where I spent almost 7hours during the event…but then I skied down the Bec des Rosses, by the chicken face but in the powder and with 25 kilos on my back.

large cropped

samedi 19 mars 2011

Xtreme Golfing

As the Verbier Xtreme event, the FWT final, will happen on Sunday, Christophe Margot and I decided to organize a studio shooting with all the riders from the world tour. Helped by Yannick Fluman from Lyte and Byte we seted up a big studio, with a couple of Broncolor strobes and Two Hasselblad H3D. My idea was to do some life style with a ring flash. At the last second I had to change my plan, to jump in the helicopter with all the equipment on my back in order to do a golf shooting at the top of the bec des Rosses at 3222 meters high. Maybe the highest european golf shooting…a last minute shoot which stress me out as it's not the kind of equipement required for a fast shooting. But I did it!

Freeride World Tour 2011

Kaj Zackrisson

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